#2 blog drop. The sticker prank.

Putting stickers on products made out of animals at the grocery stores is even for non-vegans a popular thing these days.
But in fact I haven’t seen a single prank sticker here in Europe till now. And believe me, since I really wanna see one of these I screening the grocery’s every time.

Besides the vegan prank on meat it could be funny to expand this thought and adopt it for other things.

This leads me to the following question:
What we need is a bunch of passive-aggressive terms for all ‚bad’ products you can think about.
Not only the casual mainstream stuff like meat and dairy goods.

Any ideas?

Feel free to share your awesome ideas via email or in the comments below.


The execution of this idea is not legal at all and you will get in serious trouble!
You are not allowed to apply any kind of sticker to a product what isn’t yours.

All shared ideas are only for fun and absolutely not for using and performing in real-life.
You need to translate the thoughts in order to be a Bob and you need to stay legal.
Be smart. Be creative. Be authentic. Be a Bob.

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