#1 blog drop. Who or what is Bob?

Who or what is Generation Bob?

Everyone can be a Bob. And everyone should have a Bob.
Independent from age, gender or religion.
An old Arabic man as well as a young European women can be part of the new Generation Bob.
Bob is only a name, only an idea. An Idea that can make you or someone else happy.
Sometimes for a awesome second, sometimes for days or even years.
It is all about to make our world a tiny bit better.
It is all about to have as much fun as possible in our short life.
It is all about to stop tantalize and murdering living beings for no reasons.
It is all about to accept others opinion and belief.
It is all about our planet and its earthlings.
It is all about to generate great ideas.

What does it cost to be a Bob?

Literally nothing.
Sending a nice message or making a little and honest compliment is for free, but priceless for the receiver.
Don’t eating meat, eggs or milk can lead to unbelievable achievements for others, our environment and at least you.
Even creating a funny viral meme can brighten the day of thousands.


Be smart. Be creative. Be authentic. Be a Bob.



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